Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Guest Blogger Kristy from Hopeful Threads

(Taya) I am so excited to get this started!  The pattern is now on sale at Craftsy for $5!  ALL money earned from the sale of the weighted vest pattern from now until the 21st will be donated to SPD Foundation.  The pattern is only on sale on Craftsy, but all weighted vest pattern sales from Etsy will also be donated.  The Sew-Along starts on Monday, the 21st!

Today we have our first guest blogger!   Kristy from Hopeful Threads is here to talk about some of her experiences as a parent of a child with SPD.  She also explains really well why you would use a weighted vest for a child with SPD.  Thank you Kristy!
Hello Friends! I'm so excited to have been invited to share with you all, in honor of Sensory Processing Disorder Awareness Month! My name is Kristy and I blog over at Hopeful Threads. 

I am the mother of 6 children, and first learned about Taya and Ladybug Bend when searching for a pattern for a Weighted Vest to sew for my youngest daughter. Taya's pattern was not only well written, but it helped me create a finished vest for my child that was super cute, in addition to being functional. My daughter has loved wearing it and it has helped calm and re-center her during some tough days, and helped prevent some meltdowns when we've been able to identify some of her triggers and have her wear the vest in advance. I'll explain a little more from my personal perspective, and I'm sure you'll learn a lot from Taya during this sew along event too, from both her professional and personal perspectives. I know I'm looking forward it!

My youngest daughter lives with some Sensory Integration challenges. For her this means certain activities or disruptions in her normal routine can cause her to feel very unstable and out of control. If we know these things are coming, we can have her wear her vest in advance and it often helps reduce or even prevent some of the negative experience for her. The vest provides a certain amount of deep pressure that allows her to remain calm and feel more organized with whatever the activity may be. This is of course good for her, but it also helps maintain a calmer more pleasant atmosphere for our whole family. 

When I made hers, I chose to use fabric with her favorite character Tinker Bell, so she would see the vest as the positive accessory it was intended to be. It worked! ;)
The vest provides this wonderful line of pockets on the inside that neatly and comfortably hold the little weighted pillows. Taya's pattern instructions are so detailed that she even provides the exact number and type of materials needed to make the weighted pillows AND where to find them easily. Made for a very pleasant sewing experience! You can see many more photos and my full review of this fabulous pattern here

Now that my daughter has begun to outgrown this vest, I anticipate sewing another in the near future and will be donating this one within our local foster care community or to our local Therapy Center. I hope many of you will sew along and find a way to donate a vest in honor of Sensory Processing Disorder Awareness Month as well!

As a Mama, I have to take a moment and share my gratitude for Taya's efforts to raise awareness, support and again for creating this incredible Ladybug Bend pattern for us to use. It has definitely been a blessing in our lives!

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