Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sew Along Day 2: Fidget Items and Steps 1-7

Today is day 2 of the Sew-Along!  Natalie from the Sassy Pumpkin has put together an awesome tutorial on how to add "fidgets" to your vest.  These are great for those kids who need to keep their hands busy.  If you are going to add fidgets, it is best to do them before you complete step 1.  Thank you Natalie for sharing this!  Click the link to view the tutorial.
Here is what your finished vest will look like with the fidgets added:

After your fidgets are in place, complete steps 1-7.  You should end up with your outer and lining vest pieces as shown in the photo.  You should also have your pockets sewn on.  If you are making the ruffle version, you will have a ruffle along the bottom edge of your outer vest piece.

Tomorrow we will be adding the large pocket to the lining, which will be steps 8-15.

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