Monday, October 14, 2013

Special Announcement!

First of all, it's good to be back!  It has been 4 years since I last posted.  I can't say that things have slowed down any, but I have decided that just isn't going to happen!  I will find a way to blog regularly.  It is always a fun thing when I do.

The biggest reason I decided to re-open my blog is because I have an awesome project in the works and I am ready to announce it!  October is Sensory Processing Disorder Awareness Month.  Most of us know someone who is affected by SPD.  I will go into more about what SPD is tomorrow, and we will have guest bloggers throughout the week who will tell their stories.  But today I will tell you my plan.  Starting Wednesday, October 16th, my weighted vest pattern will be on sale at Craftsy for $5.  All of the earnings from this sale will go to SPD Foundation.  SPD Foundation is the leader in advocacy and research for SPD. 

But wait!  That's not all!  I am going to have my first ever Sew-Along!  The Sew-Along will go from Oct 21st-25th.  If this pattern seems intimidating to you, this is the perfect time to try it.  I would like to encourage everyone who participates in the Sew-Along to find a child who needs a weighted vest and donate it to them.  It can be your child, niece, nephew, friend's child, neighbor, etc.  You can also donate to your local school district or therapy center.  I guarantee you will quickly find someone who needs it. I would love it if together we could donate 100 vests!  I am going to keep a count through November, so if the week of the Sew-Along is too busy, that's okay!

Let's make a big difference together!

Here is the link to the pattern.


  1. What a generous thing to do Taya!! Super impressed!!

  2. My SPD son's therapist just recommended today that he should have a weighted vest. Buying it and making it for him ASAP. :) Thanks!

  3. So much great information!!! Thanks for sharing, Taya! Your little guy is such a love <3 .

  4. My son had/has SPD. He is 25 now. As a young child he had severe problems with sensory issues, which was a very new field, almost unheard of. When he was 3, his OT went to a workshop on this, and immediately started sensory therapy with him, including brushing. Brushing calmed him down immediately, and we soon learned how to do it at home. I developed a habit of putting my hands on his shoulders and gently pushing down when we were in public and he started to melt down. Didn't realize I was giving him weighted pressure, just knew he calmed down when I did it. That may help you in public, if he will let you. In 2nd grade, his school therapist suggested a weighted vest. They were UGLY and EXPENSIVE! Why would I make my child wear something that ugly that set him apart even more. So, I bought a vest pattern, and added pockets to put weights in, and he wore those, and the kids were none the wiser for a long time. What do you use for weights? Fast forward--my son is a dishwasher at our University, often doing the dishes of 900 people just at lunchtime. Dirty, slimy, you get the point...Sensory hell. It's also loud, hot, he has to wear a uniform, none of which we would have ever believed he would tolerate. In the summer he works for a special needs park board program. He works with the kids with autism, because he understands their behavior and can redirect it. Yes, he gets paid, and yes, the director has know him since he was 3. You're doing a great thing, and keep plugging away. Just in case you want to contact me, my e-mail is cdahlgren @ live dot com, or the g-mail account.